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Artisan Soap

Handmade in Hope, BC.   

Handcrafted cold-processed soap, made in small batches with top quality oils, liquids and colorants. 

All recipes have been carefully created to produce luxurious soap.  

Bars Average Approx. 2.5 x 3" - 1" Thick

Model: SBlkChrryMrlt
Rich Dark Cherries with hints of Black Raspberries, Merlot Wine and Vanilla    ..
Model: SBlkLcrc
Made with Anise Star Essential Oil, an Invigorating, Sweet Black Licorice Smell  ..
Model: Sblkrspbryvnll
Indulge in  Ripe Black Raspberries and  Warm Vanilla with just a hint of Dark Plum..
Model: SBLRasp
Tantalizing Extra Sweet Raspberries  ..
Model: SCashmereWoods
A Lush Woody Scent with Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla  ..
Model: SChrryMrlt
 A delightful blend of soft, fruity fresh black cherries, hints of raspberry, merlot wine and vanilla  ..
Model: SChocolateFudge
Dark, Buttery Fudge with out the guilt  ..
Model: SChcltMnt
Creamy Chocolate and Sweet Peppermint Essential Oil..
Model: SCnnmnOrng
Sweet and Spicy Cinnamon Essential Oil with Warm Orange Oil  ..
Model: SCcntPrds
Escape with Fresh Coconut on the Beach..
Model: SEclptsMnt
Fresh and Energizing mix of Eucalyptus and Spearmint on a spring morning  ..
Model: SFrshPch
Sweet Juicy Peaches, makes your mouth water..
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