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Artisan Soap

Handmade in Hope, BC.   

Handcrafted cold-processed soap, made in small batches with top quality oils, liquids and colorants. 

All recipes have been carefully created to produce luxurious soap.  

Bars Average Approx. 2.5 x 3" - 1" Thick

Model: SGtmlkhny
Made with Colloidal Oatmeal, Fraser Valley Honey and Goat Milk   Warm smell of oatmeal, honey, milk and almond. Very soothing  ..
Model: SGrnAplLvndr
Green Apple and Lavender Essential Oil Combine to Create a Refreshing Scent  ..
Model: SKuGngr
Exotic, Tropical White Ginger Blossoms  ..
Model: SLavenderAloe
Lavender Essentail Oil Soap made with Aloe Vera  ..
Model: SLmngrss
Lemongrass Essential Oil Soap..
Model: SLovLavPiped
Lavender Essential Oil to soothe the senses  An extra tall bar of soap with hand piped top ..
Model: SLovLav
Lavender Essential Oil soothes the sense Tiny hand piped lavender flowers decorate the top..
Model: SLychBlkRspbry
Tropical, Juicy Lychees and Sweet Black Raspberries with a hint of Vanilla..
Model: SLychBlkRspPiped
Juicy lychees mixed with red tea, geranium, and lily complemented with ripe black raspberries and warm vanilla.  This is an extra tall bar of soap..
Model: Slych
Tropical Sweet, Fresh Fruity Lychee, mixed with Red Tea and hints of Geranium and Lily...
Model: sMrgrt
Clean Crisp Citrus - Imagine Fresh Limes, Triple Sec and Tequila and Relax!..
Model: SMntSwrl
Swirls of Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils – Refreshing..
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