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Artisan Soap

Handmade in Hope, BC.   

Handcrafted cold-processed soap, made in small batches with top quality oils, liquids and colorants. 

All recipes have been carefully created to produce luxurious soap.  

Bars Average Approx. 2.5 x 3" - 1" Thick

Model: SSwtCff
Aroma of Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans with Light, Sweet and Creamy Notes..
Model: SSwtRnbw
Blackberries, Sweet Blue Raspberries with Sugar, Hints of Citrus, Orange Blossoms and Vanilla Sweet and Delicious..
Model: STgrTl
Orange and Black Licorice Scent created with Orange Essential Oil and Star Anise Essential Oil  Think Tiger Tail Ice Cream..
Model: STrpclCcnt
Run Away with Wonderful Tropical Coconut on the Beach..
Model: SVnllChclt
Sweet, Creamy Chocolate and Vanilla – Delight for the Senses..
Model: SVanillaCream
Sweet and Creamy French Vanilla..
Model: SVnllGrdn
Vanilla with a Touch of  Fresh Spring Flowers..
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