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If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us. Wide selection available in store, we are working on getting more items online.

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Model: Gl-Cab-15x7
15mm dia., Approx. 5mm thick..
Model: Gl-Cab-25x10
 25mm dia., Approx. 10mm Thick Domed Cabochon..
Model: Gl-Cab-10x5
10mm dia., Approx. 5mm thickDomed Cabochon..
Model: Gl-Cab-15x4
15mm dia., Approx. 4mm thick..
Model: Gl-Cab-16x4
15.5~16mm dia. , Approx. 4~5mm Thick..
Model: Gl-Cab-20x5
20mm dia., Approx. 5mm Thick..
Model: Gl-Cab-20x8.5
20mm dia., Approx.8.5mm thick..
Model: Gl-Cab-25x6
25mm Dia., Approx. 6mm Thick..
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