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Jewerly Clasps 

  • Lobster/Trigger Clasps 
  • Swivel Lobster Clasps 
  • Spring Clasps 
  • Magnetic Clasps 
  • Toggles 
Model: 10x6Lobster
Approx. 10mm long, 6mm wide, hole 1mm..
Model: 12x6Lobster
Available in  Antique Bronze  Antique Copper  Silver Plate   ..
Model: 13.8x5SterlingLob
Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp with Ring  Approx. 13.8mm long, 5.2mm wide..
Model: 13x7Lobster
Approx. 13mm long, 7mm wide  Available in Gold Plate or Gunmetal  ..
Model: 14x7LobsterSwivel
Approx. 14mm long, 7mm wide Available in:  Antique Bronze  Antique Copper  Black/Gunmetal  Platinum Color Silver Plate ..
Model: 17x9Lobsterswivel
Approx. 17mm long, 9mm wide  Available in:   Antique Bronze  Antique Copper  Black  Gold Plate  Platinum Color ..
Model: 35x13swivel
Approx. 35mm long, 13mm wide  Available in:  Antique Bronze  Antique Copper  Gold Plate  Silver Plate ..
Model: 6Magnetic
Available in :  Antique Bronze  Antique Copper  Silver Plate ..
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