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Hazelwood Cylinder Beads

Hazelwood Cylinder Beads

Important Note

Please note colors may be slightly different depending on display device. Pictures are a representation of the beads.
Hazelwood Cylinder Beads

Sold as ½ strands

Eco Friendly  Organic Hazelwood Beads 


100% Natural Hand Made Beads 

From fresh cut indigenous BC Hazelwood branches (Corylus Cornuta-Beaked Hazel) 

1/2 Strand  

Available sizes: 

  • 10x10mm 
  • 10x12~17mm 
  • 10x11~14mm 

The Hazel is an alkaline wood, when worn next to the skin it absorbs excess acid.  It is thought to help with symptoms such as: 

Eczema and other Skin Problems, Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Nausea, Constipation, Migraines, Arthritis and other conditions associated with over-acidity in the body 
Over time the beads must be replaced- if symptoms start returning, or the inside flesh of the wood starts to darken.  The outer bark may darken and peel off, this is a natural occurrence as the wood is not treated in any way.  This does not affect its absorption of acid.




Most bead strands are sold as ½ strands Full bead strands average 15-16” 

Please check description when ordering


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